About Sunline Press

Sunline Press

Managing Editor: Roland Leach
21 Jarrad Street Cottesloe 6011

Sunline Press was set up in 2000 to publish work by Australian poets. At a time when poetry publishing is at a low ebb, Sunline will endeavour to publish as many books of poetry in small, elegant hardback editions.

Books by Sunline Press:

Roland Leach: drowning ophelia
Andrew Burke: Whispering Gallery
Denis McMahon: idle & drunk in heaven
Kevin Gillam: other gravities
Vanessa Proctor: Temples of Angkor
Shane McCauley: The Glassmaker
Kevin Gillam: Permitted to Fall
Jennifer Kornberger: I could be rain
(Ed) Roland Leach, Shane McCauley, Donna Ward (Introduction by John Kinsella): The Weighing of the Heart
Annamaria Weldon: The Roof Milkers
Jessika Tong: The Anatomy of Blue
Vivienne Glance: The Softness of Water
Shane McCauley: The Drunken Elk
Mags Webster: The Weather of Tongues
Christopher Konrad, Flora Smith, Rose van Son: Sandfire
Julie Watts: Honey and Hemlock

Helen Hagemann: of Arc & Shadow

Copies can be bought in good bookstores throughout the country and from the publisher at the above postal or email address. The Lane Bookshop in Claremont carry most of the titles.

drowning ophelia by Roland Leach (click on image for poems)

Whispering Gallery by Andrew Burke

other gravities by Kevin Gillam

idle & drunk in heaven


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