Guinnghis Khan

7:42pm Tuesday 27th February 2018 by Sunline

Mother said the doctor put her on Guinness

in her first pregnancy, had eight more after that.

A dark brew that never lightened. Never

had a mother so she never knew how to be one,

though she knew about babies and dogs.

A Khan of a woman, no good with people,

still veering away from other women

in the nursing home, telling them to get

their own friends, telling them to get back to bed.

Genghis of a woman, preferred tall men

but married short. Thought marriage was like

double-harness on a pair of thoroughbreds.


Title from Finnegan’s Wake*



7:48pm Tuesday 27th February 2018 by Sunline

There was a warning before it arrived,
the sound of a road train dismantling,
the second time it was the shatter of metal

dragged on asphalt, a plane’s unsuccessful landing,
and going to the kitchen saw her at the window.
The sound may have been compulsive sobs

or the coughing up of bone stuck in her throat
but no one else seemed to hear:
my father at the table reading the The Age,

my sisters running around the house,
my brother hitting a ball against a wall.
Then she turned and displayed the wreckage.


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